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Surfing Lesson Day Palermo

Surf Lesson of 1h

  • 30 euro
  • spot location will be choosen after checking the forecast


1 hour of Surf Lesson in Palermo nearest beaches, some of most beautiful, safer and with more frequency of waves in Sicily, guided by ISA (International Surfing Association) licensed coach of Surf Palermo - surf school. Every student will have all the gear to Surfing, depending the conditions of the day for a fast and safe progression, starting with soft-tops boards (surfboards covered with soft foam to prevent impact), Malibù boards, hybrid boards or shortboards. All necessary equipment included in the lessons: wetsuit, board, surf wax and security leash. Come and have fun with us, visit our websites: whatsapp info line: +393318017241

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Viale dei Saraceni, Isola Delle Femmine (PA), 90040

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